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We Are The Hearts (2015)

We are the lost generation. But are we the ones who are truly lost? The dreamers, the free-thinkers, the creators. Our hearts bleed but never die.

Created by Gideon Noir, Nick Noir, Ulysses & Henry V, J-Hype, Bell, Stephen Bradley, Lincoln Cleary, K E E L E Y, The Royal Tongues, Natasha Chitayat, Derek Snyder, Erich Schneider, Kaity Dunstan, Tim Hutton, Dash Hutton, Zev Perilman, John Wilk, Damien Bolo, Hector Mendoza Jr, and Joe Zay.

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  • Idle Hands (2014)

    Idle Hands are the devil's workshop." When bored we do destructive things, dangerous things, ill-advised things. Drugs, sex, vice; excess is the simplest way to escape. Some get lost and never find their way back, but some find inspiration in seductive new highs and ambitions leaving us to wonder...is overdoing it really such a bad thing?"

    Created by Gideon Noir, Nick Noir, Ulysses & Henry V, Hector Mendoza Jr., Molly Marlette, Angel Taylor, Lindsay Peterson, Alex Pauley, Maggie Eckford. Mixed by Ulysses and Derek Snyder. Mastered by Derek Snyder. Photo by Hannes Caspar.

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    5/23 - Private Release Party Event

    6/27 - EXGF #8 (Party Bus)

    8/29 - EXGF #9 (Hotel Party)

    2/6 - EXGF #10 (Bus Party)